Sixth Sense (2018, ABCD 423)


Eero Hämeenniemi, Matei Gheorghiu, Matthew Whittall and Juho Miettinen are all composers, who pay respect to the tradition and simultaneously, in their own inimitable way, renew it. Can one hear some Wagner there somewhere? Bartók? Enesco? Maybe a bit of Scriabin? Listen yourself! This disc was nominated for a Finnish Emma Award 2018!

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Piano virtuoso Risto-Matti Marin continues his series of brilliant solo piano recordings, this time with recent Finnish piano repertoire. The album contains only premiere recordings by composers Eero Hämeenniemi, Matthew Whittall, Juho Miettinen and Matei Gheorghiu. Beautiful pianism and interesting new contemporary works, which all lean towards different traditions in their own personal ways. If…

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Pianist Risto-Matti Marin has formed a meaningful musical whole out of five works, all recorded for the first time, by four contemporary composers living in Finland. Marin’s interpretation of Hämeeniemi’s Le Trastevere Variazioni, inspired by Frescobaldi, is delicate. His qualities as fearless virtuoso become most apparent in Juho Miettinen’s (b.…

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Eero Hämeenniemi (b. 1951):

1 Kanggul vellam / Yön tulva (2015) [6’39]

Matthew Whittall (b. 1975):

2 The Wine-dark Sea V (2013) [14’09]

Juho Miettinen (b. 1978):

Piano Sonata No. 1 “Sixth Sense” (2009/2014) [23’39]

3 I Adagio – allegro energico [7’47]
4 II Andante [9’36]
5 III Allegro [6’15]

Eero Hämeenniemi:

6 Le Trastevere Variazioni* [6’26]

Matei Gheorghiu (b.1984):

Piano Sonata No. 3 (2016) [17’41]

7 I Allegretto alla marcia [5’35]
8 II Tempo I ma tranquillo e misterioso [5’27]
9 III Allegro ritmico [6’39]

Total: 68’35