Matthew Whittall: Leaves of Grass (2011, ABCD 333)

The first book of Matthew Whittall’s preludes was premiered by Marin already in 2005, but composer put the final touches to the giant three-book cycle in Spring 2009. This is most imaginative piano music written in Finland during this century! Whittall takes influences from impressionists and modernists via minimalism all the way to the progressive rock of 1970’s, and melts all of it to his own compositional style. The result is a hypnotic trip to the world of Walt Whitman’s poetry and the sound of the instrument.




Book I [15’39]

1 Tears [5’01]
2 Lingering last drops [4’01]
3 Sparkles from the Wheel [2’23]
4 Twilight [3’57]

Book II [17’03]

5 The voice of the rain [2’47]
6 On the beach at night [5’04]
7 A noiseless patient spider [4’00]
8 Thou orb aloft full-dazzling – attacca: [4’55]

Book III [30’31]

9 Out of the rolling ocean [7’07]
10 Apparitions [1’25]
11 Song of the Universal [11’10]
12 A clear midnight [4’30]

The sobbing of the bells

Total: 63’13