Hidden Treasures (2019, ABCD 446)


Sensational piano sonatas by Ilmari Hannikainen and Einari Marvia are in the core of this release – was this kind of piano music really written in Finland during Sibelius’ lifetime?! The disc also includes music by Sibelius’ teachers, Richard Faltin and Martin Wegelius. Hannikainen’s pupil Sirkka Harjunmaa is represented by two small scale pieces. This disc was nominated for a Finnish Emma Award in 2019!

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It’s always exciting to encounter a recording with a selection of works by different composers, hand-picked by pianist Risto-Matti Marin. As a piano music lover I surely admire him as a piano virtuoso, but also as a researcher and a fearless cultural explorer, willing to look deep in the future…

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Risto-Matti Marin’s recital of unknown Finnish Romantic piano music is a triumph. The works he has chosen all arouse surprised respect – who knew? – and he plays them with unhesitating conviction. Risto-Matti Marin’s performances – of music that is often fearsomely difficult – have a real swagger and confidence,…

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Richard Faltin (1835–1918):

Muunnelmia omasta teemasta / [9’05]
Variations on an Original Theme (1861)

Ilmari Hannikainen (1892 -1955):

Pianosonaatti c-molli, op.1 / [28’02]
Piano Sonata in C Minor, Op. 1 (1912)

I Introduzione. Maestoso e molto rubato – [9’08]
Allegro appassionato ma non troppo
II Andante cantabile [6’46]
III Scherzo. Vivace alla burlesca [4’01]
IV Finale. Moderato distinctamente – [8’07]
Allegro con fuoco e molto energico

Martin Wegelius (1846–1906):

Minnena från en dag i Sachsiska Schweiz – Tre Fantasistycken / [15’19]
Memories of a Day in Saxon Switzerland – Three Fantasy Pieces (1872):

I Largo – Allegro vivace [6’45]
II Andante quasi allegretto [3’08]
III Poco adagio, ma rubato [5’26]

Sirkka Harjunmaa (1926–2018):

Häämarssi / Wedding March (1948) [2’35]

Etydi / Etude (1947) [1’32]

Einari Marvia:

Pianosonaatti Des-duuri, op. 16 / [16’58]
Piano Sonata in D Flat Major, Op. 16 (1945)

I Allegro energico [5’28]
II Andante sostenuto [6’21]
III Affettuoso [5’09]

Einari Marvia (1915–1997):

Muunnelmia eteläpohjalaisesta kansanlaulusta, op. 10 / [8’07]
Variations on an Ostrobothnian Folk Song, Op. 10 (1935)

Total: 82’14