Si tratta di trascrizioni che richiedono al pianista un grande impegno virtuosistico,compito che viene assolto da Marin con grande bravura e conoscenza dello stile.

Luca Chierici,, 19.5.2015

Pianist Magazine *****

On this new CD, the Finnish pianist proves to be a true master of the opera transcriptions. The Ride of the Valkyries in the fiendishly difficult Tausig arrangement will leave you wondering whether Marin has a couple of extra fingers. The Schelling Tristan Prelude moves beyond dreams, while the Busoni Funeral March is earth-shattering. This is undoubtedly the best proof that a piano can be an equal to a full opera house.

Pianist Magazine, 8–9/2013

BBC Music Magazine 2013

Sturdy Performances: Marin is very strong in Liszt’s ultra-difficult Tannhäuser arrangement.

Malcolm Hayes, BBC Music Magazine 2013

This disc has been programmed with great care, the more effusive transcriptions sandwiched between those of interior delight, such as Brassin’s delicately baroque Waldweben from Siegfried. Placing that alongside the dark cortège of Busoni’s Trauermarsch is equally inspired, for it highlights the composers’ different styles and how fluently Marin adapts to their varying demands. His control of touch and dynamics are most atmospherically demonstrated as the funeral procession dissolves into the grieving mists. What better way to end this ear-catching collection than with the amplitude, splendour and simple piety of Liszt’s overture to Tannhäuser? Once again I was struck by Marin’s ability to look beyond the many points of light that make up the Abbé’s glittered score and find so much warmth and feeling there. The work proceeds with unforced vigour and momentum towards a chanderliered apotheosis. Quite the most scruff-grabbing pianism I’ve heard in ages, and all so well recorded too.  Magic and fire aplenty; Risto-Matti Marin is a pianist of style and substance.

Dan Morgan,

Yle, 22.2.2013

Marinin jyhkeälle mutta riittävän erottelukykyiselle pianismille Wagner-sovitukset ovat paras mahdollinen temmellyskenttä. Tausigin Valkyyrioiden ratsastus on hengästyttävää pianotekniikan ja orkestraalisen pauhun vyörytystä kaasu pohjassa; Schellingin Tristan ja Isolde -alkusoitossa pelkistetyt melodiat, ylimaallinen kauneus ja painokkaat iskut ovat täydellisessä tasapainossa; Busonin Surumarssin synkät alkusävelet todistavat hyvästä sointiväriaistista. Levyn vaikuttavimpia hetkiä ovat varmaotteiset siirtymät massiivisesta äänivallista lempeään pianissimoon. Teosten ja etenkin soiton paras ansio on silti se, ettei kuulija jää kaipaamaan orkesteria. Tämä ei ole orkesterimusiikkia, jota yritetään matkia pianolla, vaan pianomusiikkia, jossa säihkyvät orkestraaliset värit.

Kare Eskola, Yle, 22.2.2013

International Piano, 1–2/2013

”The very characteristic orchestral sonority of Wagner’s music has been a challenge for piano transcribers over the years. Here is a fascinating set of transcriptions played by a Finnish pianist that starts off with a transcription by a fellow Finn. Jukka Nykänen (born 1976) takes Liszt as his starting point, with deep bass growls; the full scope of the piano is utilized, resulting in an orchestral-scale storm. Marin has technique to spare, and the recording is astonishing in its presence. Liszt himself contributes the Spinning Song transcription, its atmosphere supremely captured here by Marin.

CC, International Piano, 1–2/2013