Nel riproporre la quinta sinfonia dello stesso Beethoven nella trascrizione di Liszt, Marin si avventura su un terreno battuto con successo da altri colleghi (in primis Glenn Gould) ma esce più che onorevolmente dalla competizione.

Luca Chierici,, 19.5.2015

International Piano, 1–2/2013

”The very characteristic orchestral sonority of Wagner’s music has been a challenge for piano transcribers over the years. Here is a fascinating set of transcriptions played by a Finnish pianist that starts off with a transcription by a fellow Finn. Jukka Nykänen (born 1976) takes Liszt as his starting point, with deep bass growls; the full scope of the piano is utilized, resulting in an orchestral-scale storm. Marin has technique to spare, and the recording is astonishing in its presence. Liszt himself contributes the Spinning Song transcription, its atmosphere supremely captured here by Marin.

CC, International Piano, 1–2/2013